Two Questions

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Want to know two questions that will forever change your life? If so, read on. It was on a Monday, while I was adjusting a patient, I felt I was to ask him a question (by the way, this is not one of the two questions). As he is lying on his side, I stopped and look him in the eye and say, “This may seem odd but I feel the need to ask you, ‘Do you feel valuable?’” He responds, “Why would ask that?” I say, “Just felt like I was supposed to.” He responds, “Sure I do. Yep.” I say, “Ok, that’s great.” I finish adjusting him and go about my day.
Next day – Tuesday. The same patient comes back for a follow up treatment. As I am about to adjust him, he says, “Ya know that question you asked me yesterday about being valuable?” I respond, “Yep.” He says, “I lied. I do not feel valuable. I thought about that question all night. I even spoke to my wife about it. But I do not feel valued at work and often, I do not feel valued at home.” I respond, “Ok, thanks for being honest. Let’s discuss as I adjust you.” So we discuss the topic of how and why we feel value or not. As we finished up, I wrote two questions on a sheet of paper for him. I told him this would be a great place to start because these two questions form the foundation of where we get our value. The two questions I wrote are: (1) Who is God? (2) Who am I? I told him to be honest because in my own experience, I have a filter that will “clean-up” my answer to make it more palatable. Don’t we all?
Three days later – Friday. He returns for another follow up appointment. He walks in the room with a smile on his face. He says “Do you have time to let me tell you what happened with those two questions?” I say, ‘Sure I do.” He tells me as he is sitting in his car pondering those two questions, many negative thoughts are coming to his mind about how he views God and himself. As he is thinking these thoughts, a song comes on the radio; it is Good Good Father (click here to listen). He then says with a smile, “Have you ever listened to the words; it answers the questions.” I respond, “I have but explain.” He tells me, “As I was sitting there thinking all these negative thoughts – that song came on and said, ‘you’re a good good Father, that’s who you are. Am I am loved by you, that’s who I am.’ I just sat there and realized that’s it. It is that simple. He is good and I am loved. As I let that sink in, the negative thoughts left and I felt a deep peace I have not felt in sometime.” Wow! He is correct – it is that simple yet the depth of finding it forever shifting us that day. I am still encouraged by his story. God is good and I am loved.
The power of two questions – what will your answer & experience be?

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