Nutritional Advice

Trinity Chiropractic would like to help you make informed decisions about your health.  Did you know many of the chronic diseases present in our country today are diet related?    That means if we ate correctly many Americans would not be in pain or suffering from deadly diseases.  What is wrong with our American diet?

Well firstly, we consume too many grains and not enough fruits and vegetables.  Breads and pastas along with others in the grain category our inflammatory foods.  Fruit and vegetables however, reduce inflammation.  (Inflammation in our body is what produces our pain) So when we consume more grains that fruits and vegetables we are constantly inflamed.  Secondly in our fast paced culture we also consume a lot of quick and processed food.  This food is chemically altered and contains numerous toxins that build up in our bodies and cause disease.  Lastly we don’t drink enough water, our bodies are made up of water and keeping the water running through our system helps our body clean itself out.  However, most Americans regularly consume beverages that contain large amounts of sugar, which also causes inflammation, and keeps them from consuming the anti-inflammatory beverage, water.

To help you & your family THRIVE: Nutrition Made Simple

For a more detailed overview:  The Deflame Guidelines


The best way to get the nutrients you need is to consume whole foods. If people would regularly eat the proper foods, they would not need supplements. However, the majority of people do not get enough balanced nutrition through their food alone so supplementation is needed. Dr. Bryson may recommend that you begin taking a supplement to help you reduce your pain and increase your health.

Dr. Bryson uses 2 main supplement brands: (1) Standard Process (2) Anabolic Laboratories.  He has chosen these brands because they are reputable and have high quality standards.  We have many supplements on hand but we can also order any Standard Process or Anabolic Laboratories product for you.  They can be shipped to our office for your pick up or can be shipped to your house for a 12.00 fee.

surprises in supplements

Did you know that many times patients are taking drugs that cause numerous side effects when they could be taking a supplement for the same ailment and experience NO side affects?

Did you know that some infertility in both men and women can be caused by hormonal imbalances that can be corrected with the use of supplements?

Did you know that fish oil can be used to treat not only muscle and joint pain but even ADHD?

Did you know there is a natural way to treat depression and anxiety?

Schedule a nutritional consultation with Dr. Bryson today and find out what supplements and dietary changes can be made in your life to help you stop suffering and start living!

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