What is Chiropractic?

  •  A form of manual medicine that is holistic and vitalistic in nature
  • A form of care that utilizes joint palpation, joint manipulation (“adjustment”), functional rehabilitation and nutrition.
  • An approach to health care that takes all aspects of health in consideration. (biological, psychological, physiological, social).
  • Proactive and empowering
  • Evidence-based clinical art-form





First Treatment Results


After the first treatment you may experience:

* Temporary pain in different areas of your body
* General aching or soreness
* Feelings of increased alertness or euphoria
* Improvements in bodily functions such as easier breathing or better digestion

* RELIEF!!!!





Dr. Bryson does not take x-rays on every patient. X-rays are beneficial if needed but many times a person can be treated effectively without them. However, if x-rays are warranted he will refer you to a local radiology center.



Myofascial Therapy

This is not massage. This type of soft tissue work is targeted at specific muscle groups that are tight and dysfunctional. This therapy coupled with joint manipulation is a valuable tool for the improvement of one’s health.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This therapy is used for initial injury. It is used to relax muscle spasms, reduce pain and speed recovery time.

Cryotherapy (Cold)

This therapy is used for initial injury. Cold packs are used in conjunction with electrical muscle stimulation to reduce pain and the inflammation process. Heating pads should never be used after an injury as this could make the pain worse. After the healing process starts, heat may be used to speed recovery and relax muscles.

Functional Rehabilitation

Once the initial pain is reduced, rehabilitation can start. Functional rehabilitation includes strengthening weak muscles, continued relaxing of tight muscle and progressive movements that mimic real-life activities. By being functional in our approach, results last longer and re-injury may be prevented.

Assisted Stretches

These stretches are targeted at one or two muscle groups that will affect the entire body.

Braces / Supports

Although Trinity does not offer these for every person, if needed, Dr. Bryson will recommend these devices to reduce pain, stabilize the injured area and speed recovery time.

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