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Jennifer and I were planning on teaching a children’s class but the weather had different plans. However, the lesson for that day would have been: Strong Life. The object lesson was to stack wooden blocks with each block representing an attribute that strong lifewould make up a strong life. I was looking forward to what the kids would come up with. Nonetheless, as I sat there watching it snow, I had to wonder to myself; what do I think makes up a strong life? How many blocks would I need to stack? One…two…seven???

Here is what I came up with for myself. Guess I only need 4 blocks!

Block 1: Identity. This is the foundational block. Two questions should be asked. Click here to view them.

Block 2. Values. What I deem important? All I have to do is look at where I spend my time and that will, more often than not, tell me what I value.

Block 3: Attitude. I have a choice on how I respond to my day – this includes circumstances and people.

Block 4. Service. Do I make it all about me or do I consider others more important than myself?

Three more points about stacking blocks: (1) Do I always stack those four blocks in that order? No way! But as I have said in the past, perfection is not the key. My blocks tumble and I have to be reminded of what & how to stack. (2) Each of those blocks could have multiple sub-blocks, if you will, but those four – to me – would make a Strong Life when consistently & intentionally put in that order. (3) Each person stacks the blocks differently. Just b/c they do not do it like me does not make it wrong. I need to remember that.

And b/c you know how I like acronyms.

Sstamina. To keep stacking when it doesn’t seem to matter or when the blocks just do not seem to hold up. In the famous words of Dory, “Just keep stacking…”

Ttemperament. To let our internal reality affect the external reality and not the other way around.

R - realistic. To know that you cannot, should not or never was meant to do life alone.

O - optimistic. To see the glass not half full or empty but to rather – see the glass and the water. If it is half-full – drink it. If it is half-empty – fill it.

Nno. To learn that it is not about managing time but rather it is about managing ourselves and the ability to say no to the less important.

Ggo. To stay active in mind, body and spirit.

LIFE:  To learn the acronym for this, click here.

If wondering what verse the lesson built upon. Here ya go: Matthew 7:24-27. Have fun stacking!


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