Rare or Well-Done???

by Bo Bryson | No Comments

I want to be RARE.  I want to press on toward the goal…I want to run and not grow weary…

RAREHowever, what happens? I forget the goal & grow weary. Instead of rare, I become WELL-DONE: weary, encouragement-less, lack motivation, lack joy, decision-less, off-key, negative and envious. How do I get so far off from where I am to where I know I should be?

Do not grow weary in doing good?!? I read those words and thought, how do you (I) do that? How do you not get tired, fatigued and frustrated? Is it possible with all that life throws at us?

Well, those words can be found in Galatians 6:9. You see, “rather than Paul telling us not to feel tired, Paul was encouraging us to persist in doing what was good and not allow our weariness with poor results to change our course. It is easy to grow weary when we are not seeing results or when others question whether the results are worth the efforts. At other times, discouragement comes from seeing the gap between where I know I should be and the reality of where I am.” (RARE Leadership) Can you relate? I sure can!!!

How do we bridge that gap? How do we stay the course? It can be found in the acronym R.A.R.E

R remain relational. We are not meant to journey alone or be isolated. We are meant for community.

Aact like yourself. In order to do this, you must know who you are – not who people think you are or want you to be but you (the real you).

Rreturn to joy. We can not be joyful all the time; however, the key is how fast we are reminded of “our happy place.” Joy = strength.

Eendure hardships well. In life, hardships of varying degrees is certain. How we handle those hardships matter more than we may realize for ourselves & others.

I want (scratch that)…I WILL: I will press onward – I will stay the course – I will run & not grow weary – I will choose to be RARE!

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