How are you?

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Simply, how are you doing? Let’s take the topic that has changed the very fabric of our society and make it applicable to our daily lives. Ready for it? Yes, restrictions are lifting but the fact remains; it dominates every conversation we have, how we interact with other people and how we view life.covid

Let’s turn something that has created so much fear & anxiety into something that can be life-giving and faith-building.

C: Care for yourself & others

It seems all we have is time so why not make it purposeful. Care for yourself so you can care for others! And a word of caution: as things return to normal (whatever that will mean), continue to be purposeful with your health and your encouragement toward others. Caring matters – just do it!

O: Open your eyes

This means look at the world around you with the correct perspective. With all the negativity that abounds, it can be easy to let fear be your perspective. However, open your eyes to the blessings around you. The sun, fresh air, your health, friends, and family. A healthy, positive perspective can change your day – and your life!

V: Validate others

People need/want to be validated. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, but listening to them makes a person feel important. It will let someone know that they matter. Being validated will change their world, and in turn they can change someone else’s world.

I: Intentional living

These times may be tough but YOU are tougher! Stay intentional with your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Intentionality can breathe life into what we consider boring and mundane. Be intentional & spark life! You may not have a strict routine, but make plans to achieve one small goal at a time.

D: Desire into delight.

You will have to read my blog post to capture this thought. Check it out here: Desire To Delight 

19: Proverbs 19.

Wisdom. Trust. Guidance. Check it out here: Proverbs 19

 Let’s turn fear into faith. Let’s turn death into life. It matters!

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