Low Back Health

What is Low back Health?  How can I obtain it?  What can Trinity Chiropractic do to help me?

A healthy low back is one that is free from pain and not easily injured.  The easiest way to have a healthy low back is to have flexible yet strong muscles. And contrary to popular belief, strength does not always come from lifting weights.  You can have a healthy, strong core of muscles by doing 4 exercises everyday.  (the cat-camel, the bird-dog, the curl-up and the Side Bridge)

You can read about these excerises in this article titled, “Enhancing Low-back Health through Stabilization Exercises”.  By Dr. Stuart McGill

About the Author

Dr. Stuart McGill is a professor at the University of Waterloo and a world-renowned lecturer and expert in spine function and injury prevention and rehabilitation. He is the author of more than 200 scientific publications that address the issues of lumbar function, low-back injury mechanisms, investigation of tissue loading during rehabilitation programs, and the formulation of work-related injury avoidance strategies. His book ‘Low Back Disorders,’ has helped bring new evidence to the treatment & prevention of lowback pain.

How Trinity Chiropractic Can Help

Dr. Bryson has taken a course under Dr. McGill and learned the proper execution of the techniques presented in the above article. If you have questions concerning this article or would like further assistance in performing any (or all) of the exercises, please request an appointment.  We would LOVE to help you live a life that is pain free and full of strength and stability!

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