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In 2003, Dr. Bryson co-authored Regain Movement, Stability and your Life with Dr. Corey Campbell. It was written to help patients and health-care providers understand chiropractic. Plus, it was written as a general health guideline with the intended goal to bridge the gap between medicine and chiropractic. In the booklet you will find six strategies (listed below) to help lead a healthier, happier life. In order to help as many people as they can, Dr. Bryson and Dr. Campbell have made this resource available for free.  Click here to read the entire booklet.  


#1 Why Chiropractic

Although there are many methods to treat musculoskeletal pain, chiropractic ranks among the best forms of treatment. It is non-invasive and inexpensive. Chiropractors consistently treat patients with all types of painful conditions. Chiropractic is safe and manual manipulation has been shown to reduce pain, increase awareness and more.

#2 Am I eating inflammation?

Does it surprise anyone that our diet plays a very important role in our health? However, it may surprise you to know that many of the foods we eat actually cause more harm than good. This is termed the pro-inflammatory diet and most Americans are on it and do not even know it.

#3 Stability: Why do I need that?

You may understand that your muscles need to be strong in order to lift certain objects, but did you know that certain muscles have to stabilize before that action can be performed? In order to walk or simply raise a hand, we need stability. Without stability, pain can and will soon follow.

#4 Exercise and Stretch: Fundamentals

Lack of exercise coupled with tight and stiff muscles leads to a de-conditioned body and pain. Simple exercise and stretching can revive stiff joints and reduce your pain.

#5 Am I level?: Correcting skeletal inequalities

A skeletal inequality can be a simple anatomical difference from side to side. It could be that you were born that way. However, this inequality can predispose you to chronic musculoskeletal problems.

#6 The body is a temple

Our body is made of mind, body and spirit. To take care of all three is a unique and a profoundly important realization if we are ever to be truly well.


What is being said about “Regain Movement, Stability and Your Life…

Regain Movement, Stability, & Your Life is a wonderful educational tool for chiropractic patients. Written in understandable terminology, this booklet explains comprehensive chiropractic care in this modern era. Dr. Bryson & Dr. Campbell (co-author) are shining stars in the chiropractic profession. This booklet belongs in every chiropractic office that treats the whole person with the latest techniques for restoring health.” Mark A. King, DC: Director – Mt. Lookout Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center/President Motion Palpation Institute/Post Grad Faculty – National Chiropracic College and Northwestern Chiropractic College

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