Health tips

8 Tips for healthy living:

  1. Stay Positive: People who see the glass half-full have more energy, are less sick and are a pleasure to be around.
  2. Make Time For Yourself: Realizing that you are unique and important can be a life-changing event.
  3. Laugh Often: If we can learn to laugh at ourselves, then many of life’s problems seem smaller. Laughing should be seen as “internal jogging!” Laugh often and out loud.
  4. Eat Healthy But Happy: Eating can be healthy and fun. Many times people make eating such a task that all the fun is taken out. The key is balance.
  5. Exercise Regularly: It is important to stay active. Staying active keeps your joints healthy, reduces stress, and gives you more energy. Again, make exercise fun and simple — use the stairs/park in the last spot — just be creative.
  6. Do Not Smoke: We all know the effects of smoking but what you may not know is that smoking leads to a decrease in tissue healing. This means if injured, your body will have to work harder to recover than it normally would.
  7. Drink Water: Water is the medium of life. It is part of everything in your body. Try adding fruit extract or vinegar to your water for a change.
  8. Reduce Stress: Life at times is stressful. However, if you learn techniques to reduce stress, you will live longer and be healthier. Stress is a major contributor to many major illnesses. It leads to increased blood pressure, increased cardiac output, increase muscle tension, etc…

Get outside and live.

Living in Nebraska (and elsewhere) we all know the importance of taking advantage of good weather.  We don’t get beautiful days everyday so we must make the most of them when we do, right?  As the birds return and begin chirping, and the squirrels start playing it is time for you to join in too.  Did you know going outside and doing something even when you feel tired and spent after work can actually give you MORE energy??  Take advantage of the weather and try some of these activities that will get you outdoors, moving, working, playing and loving life!

1. Yard work.  Yes it has work in the title BUT it can be a great mood booster.  Being outside in the sunlight is a great source of vitamin D.  Breathing the fresh air in deeply can also help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Working in the yard where you can see results can give you a real since of accomplishment! So get out there and clean up your yard, or start a garden.  Working in your yard is also a great way to get to know your neighbors!

2. Walking.  When the weather is nice it is a great time to take a walk.  Grab someone or go alone, either way walking is a great way to get some fresh air and some great exercise.  Instead of getting coffee and sitting with it take it to go and make your coffee date a coffee walk!  Instead of sitting and watching the children play take them on a walk. Pulling them in a wagon can be fun for them and a workout for you.

3. Bike Riding.  Download a trail map and plan your next adventure.  Bike riding is a great way to get your heart rate up but it’s low impact on your joints.  This is also an activity you can do while you socialize!  Grab your friend, or your kids, or your friend’s kids and hit the road.

These activities are the tip of the ice burg (and yes you can enjoy the outside even when there is snow and ice – take the kids sledding or build a snowman) – use your imagination – ditch the t.v. and re-claim nature and your health!  Remember when you are outside in the sun to wear sunscreen and to drink plenty of water.  Get outside and live by enjoying God’s creation.  Your body was made to move….when you get it moving you will feel BE-YOU-TA-FULL & better!

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