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From Monday Dec. 10 through Friday Dec. 21, Trinity will be ‘Gladhatters.’ We invite you to join us!  What is a Gladhatter? It is someone who will do four things: (1) Rejoice (2) Pray (3) Give (4) Wear 

Why are we doing this? Three reasons: (1) Support a local ministry (2) Encourage a specific family (3) Wearing a winter hat is fun!


A. Trinity Staff will wear winter hats every day for 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks, we will purpose to rejoice, pray & give!

B.  Patients are encouraged to wear and give winter hats.

C.  If a patient wears a winter hat to be adjusted, Dr. Bo will donate $1.00 to the Green Family.

D. If a patient gives a winter hat, Dr. Bo will donate $5.00 to the Green Family.

E. All winter hats given will be donated to the Northern Lighthouse prison ministry.

Who is the Green family? You can read their story here if you choose. The short version is this. Angie Green has been a patient of Trinity for over 10 years. Recently (Sept. 2018), Angie found out she was pregnant with their 6th child. Shortly after, she found out she had bladder cancer.  The last 2-3 months have been a roller coaster for them. gladhatterAngie and her family continue to pray, rejoice and give thanks even in the midst of a difficult journey. We want to come alongside the Green family and support them with not only our prayers but our resources. Will you join us by being a ‘Gladhatter?’ You do not have to be a Trinity patient to give a hat. Stop by our office – say hello – give a hat – be a ‘Gladhatter’ too!

Besides supporting the Green family, we also want to support a local ministry that prays, gives and rejoices with those would are coming out of prison. Let’s help cover their heads and hearts with love! You can learn more about the Northern Lighthouse here.

Thank you for helping Trinity be ‘Gladhatters!’

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