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“Physician, heal thyself. This book is so well written in terms of telling friends, patients, and colleagues that Dr. Bo Bryson is a real person who has a real background with thoughts, concerns, fears, failures, successes, and the ability to pick himself up and keep going that I’m inspired to write my own book. Dr. Bryson’s background legitimizes him as a man qualified to listen and help more than anything he learned in chiropractic school. Very early in the book, he talks of a patient who had suffered from emotional and physical trauma in the past, and he says, “School didn’t teach you how to handle that.” And he’s right. School didn’t. But real life has, and Dr. Bryson has had a real life background that makes him uniquely qualified to help.” Dr. Gideon Orbach, chiropractor

“This book is chock-full of helpful wisdom and practical advice on the journey to living a healthier lifestyle. Included are easy-to-follow plans that not only ‘produce results’, but are engaging, fun and beneficial to body, mind and spirit; the trifecta of total health!” Christine Cornwell

“I love Dr. Bo’s approach. He shares his opinion and own journey of health without sounding like a snobby expert.” Stephanie Mosley

“Thanks so much for giving me the privilege to read what God has been putting on your heart. Hallelujah that we each have a purposeful, redemptive story that has been written for us. I was blown away by the message that this book offers! The analogy of working to keep my soil balanced has really given me a new way to look at my lifestyle choices. It has also given me insight to where my priorities lay in relation to Christ and His divine purpose for who He has created me to be.” Stephanie Wilson

“Dr. Bo, thanks for your transparency and unashamed approach to the gospel. This book is very good. It has raised many great thoughts and questions in my mind. I truly enjoyed the content and even mentioned to my husband about living a Trinity Lifestyle.” Naomi Reed

“Wow! This book is truly amazing and can help a lot of people. I held back tears as I related to so many things you said, but mostly because it kept yelling “GOD IS SO GOOD!!!” in my face without you ever writing those words.” Krystal Hauff, PhD

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