Create a Trinity Lifestyle


Dr. Bo states, “Are you ready to Create a Trinity Lifestyle? A lifestyle that is centered, balanced and renewing – a lifestyle that is determined, disciplined and devoted – a lifestyle that creates rhythm and balance – a lifestyle that enhances health & happiness?  If so, this book is for you.”


“The coolest and really the moments that have broken me are the ones where I’ve realized God knows who I am. I saw Dr. Bo while working on my novel, Havah: The Story of Eve. He asked how I was and I broke down. He gave me a Bible verse, this man who had never met me, and said, “You know, God is really pleased with the work you’re doing.” Dr. Bo prayed for me and I knew God cared. In his book, Dr. Bo has created a very whole, organic and integrated approach to health. I so appreciate his spiritual approach to life’s physical issues.” Tosca Lee, NY Times Best Selling Author


“A masterpiece! Dr. Bo helps people see that prayer, fasting and meditation is not a new age phenomenon but rather a journey into the heart of God.” Dr. Dean DePice, chiropractic consultant and speaker, co-founder & advisor for TLC


“There is so much gold here. It is going to bring so much healing to so many people. The topics covered are those conversations you should have had with your parents growing up. Awesssssomenessss.” Crystal Munoz, owner of The Flourish Photography


***Note: Dr. Bo’s book is avaialbe as a Kindle/iPad ebook. However, these versions are only available on the Westbow Press website.

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