Come Pray with Us.

In 2003 Dr. Bo began praying in his office.  He prayed because he needed to see God move.  He prayed because his life was a mess and while he was in the aftermath a friend said, “You have a choice. Everyday when you wake up, the enemy has a plan and God has plan; which plan will you follow?” Bo knew what plan he must daily choose.  Out of his need and his brokenness, Bo dedicated his life fully to Jesus and to his service.  And like all things he does, he did it with his whole being.

Patients tell us all the time how powerful it is when Dr. Bo prays for them.  At Trinity we know and trust that it is the Lord who is the “great physician”.  We have witnessed many powerful examples of life transformation and physical healing in our office and it is because we pray.

But Dr. Bo wasn’t always a dynamo prayer warrior, when he began praying it was hard for him.  Time moved slowly.  He didn’t know what to pray but he prayed regardless.  He prayed for his wife, his family, his business and his staff.  Over the years he has seen God change his life miraculously and Bo has become a spiritual leader to many in the community.  His prayers have grown into a dynamic conversation with God that brings life change and hope to all that surround him.  Dr. Bo’s heart is for all people to know God’s love, forgiveness and transformation through a relationship with Jesus.  What is the best way to foster that relationship? Through prayer and through fellowship with other believers.

Why we pray:

  • We pray because He is worthy
  • We pray because we grow in knowledge of God
  • We pray because we gain His perspective
  • We pray because we become like what we worship
  • We pray because He first loved us
  • We pray because we follow the biblical examples of those who walked out intimacy with God
  • We pray because of the benefits we gain from daily devotion

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If you would like to submit a prayer request please do so below.  Be sure to type ‘prayer request’ in the subject line. We will believe with you that the Lord will answer in your time of need.

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