What are we all about?

our vision:

The vision of Trinity Chiropractic is to empower each individual to balance their mind, body & spirit. Truly, we want each individual we meet to ‘Stop Suffering & Start Living.’ We will accomplish this by…

1. Commitment – We will be committed to Christ, our family, our friends, our community. We will be committed to offering the best services/products at a fair price and creating an atmosphere of trust that will lead to a place of refuge for our patients/clients.

2. Faith — The cornerstone of our business is Christ. This is our passion and with this passion we pray for our families, our friends, our community — that the love of Christ would invade each of our lives.

3. Excellence — We do everything with extraordinary efforts. We go beyond what the patient/client expects or demands. We serve not for monetary benefits but for the pure pleasure of blessing others.

4. Integrity — In all our thoughts, words and actions, we will live congruent lives.

goals of care:

The recommended treatment (as prescribed by the doctor) is intended to accomplish the following goals:

  • Reduce initial symptoms / pain reduction
  • Restore normal movement of joints in the main problematic areas.
  • Relax the overactive / hyper-tonic muscles and improve coordinated muscle activity
  • Increase in function. Get you back to doing what you love to do…pain free!
  • Allow you to be in control of your health

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