50 de Mayo

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The THRIVE challenge for May is about reenergizing yourself but more than that, it is 50 de mayoabout blessing others: specifically a local business/ministry. Have you heard of Trinity Fitness? Their mission is to be a positive catalyst in the life of Lincolnites: both physically & spiritually. Click here  to learn how to join their mission.

THRIVE challenge: 50 de Mayo

(1) REENERGIZE YOURSELF. The challenge: Walk/Jog/Run 50 miles  in May (approx. 1.5miles per day).  Get outside and move!

(2) BLESS OTHERS. The challenge: Raise $500 for Trinity Fitness. How? Give 50 google reviews to Trinity Chiropractic.  For every 10 reviews posted, Dr. Bo will donate $100 to Trinity Fitness (maximum of $500). If you have been treated at Trinity & have not shared your experience, please do so. Let others know how Dr. Bo & his staff reenergized you. Even if you have not actually been treated by Dr. Bo but have been impacted by his challenges, blog or other social media posts, let others know. Help Trinity bless another Trinity! To leave a review, click here.

Note: Only one unique review per person. If you try to do more, Google may not recognize it or delete it. And we do not want that.

Reenrgize & Bless: You can do it. You want to do it. You will do it. And by doing ’50 de Mayo’  you are not only helping yourself but countless others!

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