4th quarter Strong

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Sidney Howard said, “Half of knowing what you want is knowing what you’ll have to give up to get it.” And that is the problem. We are unwilling to give up something. We try but fail. We say we want to do but it is only words, not action. I had a patient say it this way in regards to increasing her stretching routine; “I have a goal but no practical plan to get there.” 4th qtrCan you relate? We say we want to be healthy, save money, read that book, talk to that person, whatever it is – we say we will do it when this or that happens or when the new year starts. Why do we wait? We should not wait. We can start now! Listen to Dr. Bo explain how in this short video.

Each month during the 4th quarter (October, November, December: see details below) – we will focus on each aspect of THRIVE and build upon them launching us into a new year but not neglecting where we are at right now. This is your 4th quarter. Finish Strong! Click here to read how you can “Own the 4th quarter.”

H2O-ctober (Proverbs, Planks & Pushups)

refuel Drink 100 ounces of water everyday. Everyone already thinks they need 64 ounces (8-8 ounce glasses) anyway so it not that much more. I know…I know! I can hear the complaints now. I do not like the taste. Ok, but do you like to be live b/c water is the foundation of your body. I will have to pee so much. Guess what, that is good for your system and it helps you move more. Win-win! I can’t drink that much. Really? I bet you drink 100 ounces of something during your day anyway. Drink water – it gives fuel to your body!

refocus – 31 days = 31 Proverbs. It’s simple: on Oct. 1, read Proverbs 1 and so forth. Read Proverbs – it gives wisdom to the mind & spirit!

reenergize – Planks: 100 minutes during the month (approx. 3 min/day). Watch this short instructional video  on proper form and variations. For the purpose of this challenge, focus on the low or high plank but try the others for “fun” if you like. Pushups: 1000 during the month. (approx. 32/day). Watch this short video  for proper form and variations. Do not be afraid to modify if needed.  Plank & Pushups – it gives strength to the body!

MOVEmber (Reduce, Refuse & Reuse)

refuelReduce sugar! We all seem to know the effects of too much sugar on minds, bodies and spirits but during the holiday season, we seem to forget and cheer is not the only thing that abounds. For a quick overview of the effects  of excess sugar – click hereThe challenge: reduce your sugar consumption to 1x/week. To make it simple, I am speaking of cakes, pies, candies, cookies, pop, sugary drinks, ice cream, candy corn, etc…(you know the obvious things that wreak havoc on our body). Here is a thought: why do you think you need extra sugar; aren’t you sweet enough already?!?

refocus Refuse to give in to negative thinking. Your thoughts and words have the power of life or death (remember that from Proverbs last month!!!) What you think about matters. If fuels how you speak, act and treat others. The point is not just try to think & be more positive but rather it is learning to be thankful. “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” (Yep, Proverbs again!)  The challenge: each day take a moment to find something to be thankful for. It can be as  “little” as being able to get out of bed or having a bed at all or as “big” as getting cancer-free news. The point: find something you can be thankful for – write it down in a journal – then focus on how being thankful can change your attitude and atmosphere. At the end of 30 days, you may be amazed at all the things you became aware of that you have to be thankful for.

reenergizeReuse those muscles that may be stagnate. MOVE more! The weather is cooler. The leaves are changing. It is a beautiful time of year. Play or yard work; it doesn’t matter – get outside and do something! The challenge: walk, run or jog 30 miles. Nothing fancy about this one except it creates better health for you and your family which is about as fancy as you can get

DICEmber: (Reset, Refresh, Roll)

refuel: Reset yourself. Add 1 tablespoon/day (5x/week) of coconut oil to your diet. Eat it by the spoonful, add it to a shake or cook with it. It doesn’t matter ow you reset yourself but do it so you can reap the benefits of adding this superfood to your diet.

refocus: Refresh your mind each day. I do not mean take a shower or nap (although both help) but intentionally disengage for a moment. Let me explain. The holiday season – this month specifically – can be stressful & crazy busy. We run from this party to that event and never rest our minds, bodies or spirits. We do it for fun, for obligation and everything in between. If we want to be & stay healthy, we must refresh our mind each & every day. This month we will set aside 90 minutes. (3 minutes/day). During these 3 minutes, the goal: ‘be still & know.’ It is to quiet yourself, to get out of the hustle & bustle of the season so you can maintain the thankfulness you learned last month. If you need something to focus on, choose one aspect of Christmas that brings you joy/makes you smile. After 3 minutes, get up refreshed & focused for your day!

reenergize: Roll with it! During the holiday season, between being cold outside and our changing schedules, life can become a little crazy & sedentary. Do not let happen and roll with it. What does that mean? It means that we are going to use DICE to get us moving this month.

Here is the workout: You will need two dice (different colors preferable).

1st dice = exercise performed. (1 = squats, 2 = pushups, 3 = mountain climbers, 4 = jumping jacks, 5 = crunches, 6 = burpees). Note: you can substitute other exercises if you prefer. I may add pullups a few times to give variety. The point: have fun while being active!

2nd dice = number of that exercise multiplied by 5.

Example 1: 1st dice – I roll a 3 (mountain climbers). 2nd dice – I roll a 5 (multiply by 5). This means I would do 25 mountain climbers.

Example 2: 1st dice – I roll a 6 (burpees). 2nd dice – I roll a 3 (multiply by 5). This means I would do 15 burpees.

Length of workout – 3x/week for 20 minutes (keep rolling dice over and over for this length of time).

One last note: in order to finish strong (or start well for that matter), we must be intentional & consistent with ourselves and others.  Learn why it matters by clicking here.

Have fun – Be healthy – Yes you can!!

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