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Who are you…

Where are you…

Let me explain why I am asking. I am currently reading a 3 books series by James Bryan Smith. I am in the 2nd book called, ‘The Good and Beautiful Life.’ In the very first pages of the book Smith asks, “What was Jesus’s main teaching?’ Many thoughts come to my mind but Smith goes on to explain, “Jesus’s primary message was the availability, presence and power of the kingdom of God…” Was that your answer? It is any wonder, when the disciples asked Jesus, “Teach us to pray..” He responded, “…thy kingdom come…” (Luke 11:1-2)

whoami2Ok, that is great but how does this apply to our daily lives? Well, “the kingdom of God is a present reality that will be fully consummated in the future.” Many people focus on the future aspect of the kingdom; however, without the present reality; where is the presence and power? We are meant to live in the kingdom in the present moment – the here and now – the moments we found ourselves. Are we to remember the past? Yes, it has helped shape our present but it does not have to define us or limit us. Are we to plan for the future? Yes, that is beneficial and even fruitful but let us not think so far ahead that we neglect what is right in front of us. Here is the deal: kingdom reality operates in the present moments and kingdom pace is one day at a time. Let’s have that reality and that pace!

Back to the questions:  Smith writes, “I have two questions for people… Who are you and where are you? I repeat these often because the key to learning is repetition. The answers I am looking for is, ‘I am a child of God, one if who Christ dwells and I am living in an unshakable kingdom of God.”  Is that your answer?

So…Who are you? Where are you? I would even add a third question: Who is God?  Be honest with yourself – the answers to these questions affect the moment to moment reality of your life.

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