Services at Trinity

Chiropractic:  Dr. Bryson has had over 2000 post-graduate hours in the manipulative technique. He understands that each person is unique and must be treated that way. This is why he offers multiple safe, gentle and effective techniques to reduce pain and restore normal biomechanical motion. These include Activator, drop tables, myofascial techniques (for spine & extremities), Gonstead, diversified, manual traction, functional rehab and much more!

Nutritional Consultation:  Dr. Bryson understands the importance of good nutrition. He offers daily advice to each patient and also provides written information about healthy eating so his patients can continue their education outside the office.

Products: Dr. Bryson offers multiple products to help patients balance their mind, body and spirit. These include vitamins (Anabolic Labs & Standard Process), HOPE bars (a standardized whole food bar), pillows (supportive & healing for restlessness, chronic neck pain/headaches), foam rollers and stability balls (for stretching/rehab), TENS units (for decreaseed pain), NUUN hydration tabs (to help patients drink more water) and occassioanl books (for spiritual growth).

Presentations:  Dr. Bryson enjoys speaking to local groups about topics related to health, nutrition and exercise. He has had the honor of speaking at schools, recreation centers, colleges and many local businesses. If you or someone you know would like to learn more, please call our office at 402-476-6767. Read below to see the impact these presentations can have.

  • “Dr. Bo’s approach is holistic wellness to a tee, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. It is immensely refreshing to have someone living and teaching how all pieces of our lives and our lifestyle choices can affect our body. Thank you for taking the time to share that with Doane University.”
  • “The presentation was awesome! Dr. Bo gave me that extra push I needed to better my health and start drinking more water. You can tell that he generally cares about everyone’s well being. He provided us with great stretches that help when you are stuck in a desk all day!”

Massage Therapy:  The benefits of massage are well known, from stress relief to specific muscle injuries, massage can help. Justine Erickson of Justine Massage and Spa Management provides massage services in our office but can also provide chair massages at events or in offices and will even do in-home massages.  She has been practicing for 10 years and specializes in individual needs, as she believes everyone has a different need and seeks to accommodate each person. She is skilled in many different modalities, from relaxation/Swedish to deep tissue/sports therapy. She is also certified in full pregnancy services, from providing pre-birth massage to labor massages.  Justine works by appointment only. To schedule online, click here or you may call her at 402-314-3998.

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