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bosaltlake Trinity has launched its mobile-friendly website. I know, I know… It is about time! Now you can find the health info you need & want quickly. Check it out HERE, then share it with a friend. (yes, you have to be on a mobile device to appreciate it). Listen, we live in a mobile world. We love to be able to stream, text, facebook, tweet, instagram, snapcahat, etc…wherever & whenever. But in our mobile world, have we lost something…our own mobility? I simply mean this – we have the capability to be mobile – to connect to anyone…anywhere..anytime but we seem to be more sedentary than ever. Could it be our mobile world – with all its benefits – is causing some problems such as ‘text neck,’ joint/muscle pain, headaches, relational tension? I am not saying we should not be mobile but what I am concerned about is our lack of health (physically, mentally & spiritually) that can & often does accompany that mobile life. Use the mobile world – including Trinity’s new site – to enhance health not hinder it!
I got to thinking about this for two reasons: (1) well, did I mention we launched a new mobile site :)  (2) This past weekend, I taught some kiddos about Solomon and the building of the temple. I asked the kids, ‘Do you think Solomon kept the temple clean or allowed it to get dirty?” All said clean then they gave me reasons why & how. I used that to transition to talk about how our ‘bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.’ (1 Cor. 6:19-20). I asked them, “Should we keep our temples clean or allow it to get dirty?” Of course, all said clean. I asked, ‘How do we keep it clean?” They answered, “Take a shower.” That made me smile b/c that is the simple honest truth. Kids, love them! We then spoke briefly about drinking water, eating good food, exercise and thinking healthy thoughts. We ended by playing a game to get the kids moving (both physically & mentally) and I told the kids they would be wise (like Solomon) to keep their temples healthy! So, what about you? Do you wish to be wise? If so, be mobile in a mobile world!
To help you be wise & keep your temple clean, here are two helpful links: (1) A blog post about being flexible (aka: mobile) both physically & spiritually (2) Eight Healthy Habits to keep you mobile.

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