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oct2016walkAs I was working out the other day – the word focus came to my mind. As it did – I formulated an acronym for it. Not sure why I did but that is me I guess :) FOCUSFind One Cause U Support. I was sure that acronym had already been used. Guess what? It has not. But apparently if you google acronyms for the word focus – you will get 32 – yes 32 – other options.
As I have let my newly coined acronym steep in my brain, this thought occurred to me: Are we ADD in our pursuits – going from one good thing to the next without every taking the time to understand why we support what we support? Is there a common theme in each of those pursuits? Plus, I wonder how many people are supporting too many “good causes” which can dilute their time, energy and financial resources for the one cause (the one thing that deep down drives & pushes & calls) that may give them the most passion, purpose and enjoyment while at the same time benefiting others? Are we fearful of saying no to more because of what others may think of us? Do we say yes just to please other people? You see, to find one cause u support -it takes a bit of personal inventory and reflection on what brings you the most enjoyment and purpose in life. Are we willing to risk the pursuit even when others may not agree or understand?
I am currently reading a book titled, ‘Courage & Calling.’ The author, Gordon T. Smith, writes, “In John 17:4 we have the remarkable words where Jesus says to the Father, “I glorified you on Earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.” I long for the same; that I am able to come to the end of my life and know before God that I had fulfilled my vocation. But we will not be able to do this unless we learn to say no. We will not have this privilege unless we come to clarity about who we are and what we are called to do. This requires focus, discipline and courage. But the results are freedom – freedom from ambition, freedom from the pressures and expectations of others, freedom to be who we are before God. It is freedom to embrace the call of God upon our lives with joy and hope.”
Let’s be honest: We all desire lives of freedom – filled with joy and hope but that does not just happen. It takes discipline and courage to be your unique-beautifully created self in a world filled with ambitions, fearsĀ and expectations. Simply, it takes…FOCUS?

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