Distraction or Deliverance

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YogaDo I seek distraction or deliverance? Even as I type those words out; it seems rather strong language but is it not true? Skye Jethani writes, “Rather than helping us experience the joys, sorrows, victories and defeats of life more acutely…a great deal of our contemporary efforts are designed to help us get along, to make us most comfortable in this journey…but distraction is not the same as deliverance…” Whether it be physically, spiritually or relationally, we often prefer to be distracted rather than dealing with certain issues – especially if these issues cause pain and/or fear.
Let’s for a moment speak of pain. Most – if not all people – do not want pain but is not pain a major motivator to seek help? But even when we seek help, are we wanting to be delivered from the cause of pain (i.e. poor lifestyle habits, relational dysfunction, and spiritual unrest) or merely distracted from it so it is no longer a hindrance to our comfortable lifestyle? I will admit – I often want a quick fix – a distraction if you will – so i do not have to deal with deeper issues. I mean, who has time or energy to be delivered? Maybe we should ask, who does not have the time to be delivered? Apparently, many of us!
We all have distraction techniques that can distract in the short term but do we realize pain (and/or fear) is what helps us stay alive. Again the question arises: do I want to be distracted from pain or delivered from it? Skye Jethani continues, “Physically, pain (and fear) helps us stay alive in a dangerous world. Spiritually, pain (and fear) awaken our souls to seek a beauty, a justice and a freedom beyond what this present world can provide.” It is time to stop being so distracted and understand that to be delivered is to first be awoken to the reality of pain and its purpose.
Did you realize than pain is a good thing? It is a warning system that something is wrong. The question is: are we listening to that warning system? Dr. Brand, a physician who work with lepers in India, states, “Most people view pain as an enemy…I thank God for pain; I cannot thank of a greater gift I could give my leprosy patients.” Dr. Brand goes on to explain that leprosy can destroy nerve endings so patients feel no pain. This may at first glance seem good but it is not. Without pain, a leprosy patient could be injured and left untreated – could lead to infection or death. Being distracted from pain could lead to death – now that is something to think about when it comes not only to our physical bodies but also our spiritual lives and our relationships.
Maybe CS Lewis says it best, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience but shouts to us in our pains: It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” Are we so distracted that we cannot hear the shouts? I pray not.

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