Create a Trinity Lifestyle


It is here!!!  Dr. Bo’s book titled, “Create a Trinity Lifestyle” is complete. You may purchase it in person at Trinity Chiropractic or online (Westbow Press, Amazon or Barnes & Noble).

***Note: Dr. Bo’s book is avaialbe as a Kindle/iPad ebook. However, these versions are only available on the Westbow Press website.

Are you ready to Create a Trinity Lifestyle? A lifestyle that is centered, balanced and renewing – a lifestyle that is determined, disciplined and devoted – a lifestyle that creates rhythm and balance – a lifestyle that enhances health & happiness?  If so, this book is for you.

To learn more about the Trinity Lifestyle: click here. Please read the endorsements below and get excited about this next step in your journey!!!

“In his book, Dr. Bo  has created a very whole, organic and integrated approach to health. I so appreciate his spiritual approach to life’s physical issues.”  Tosca Lee, NY Times Best Selling Author

“This book is chock-full of helpful wisdom and practical advice on the journey to living a healthier lifestyle. Included are easy-to-follow plans that not only ‘produce results’, but are engaging, fun and beneficial to body, mind and spirit; the trifecta of total health!” Christine Cornwell

“Wow! This book is truly amazing and can help a lot of people. I held back tears as I related to so many things you said, but mostly because it kept yelling “GOD IS SO GOOD!!!” in my face without you ever writing those words.” Krystal Hauff, PhD

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