CHRISTMAS all year

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The season is over. The presents have been worn & played with. The decoration are coming down & being put away. How are you feeling?xmas all year Is it possible to be as joyful & giving in January/February as you were in November/December? Of course it is! However, you may have to make one small, yet significant, change in your New Year mindset. Instead of the same ol’ resolutions that often disappoint; why not try CHRISTMAS all year! Think about it; everyone loves the season because of the joy, giving, lights, family, laugher, etc…so why not practice it all year!
C – cherish.
H – hope.
R – relax.
I – intentional.
S – simple.
T – thankful.
M -meaningful.
A – act.
S – significant.

Can we learn to cherish the moments that bring hope and learn to relax in the moments that don’t. Be thankful. Do intentional & simple acts that are meaningful & significant. You don’t need resolutions to change your life; ya just need a little bit of CHRISTMAS spread throughout the year! Maybe Roy L. Smith said it best, “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”

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