3-letter scramble

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My wife and I was recently talking about a few things going on in our lives and she made a comment to this affect: ‘We have to remember ‘who’ when we don’t know ‘how.’ Yes, she is that awesome most of the time! After she said that, why-howI said, ‘That’s the same 3 letters, just scrambled.’ She said, ‘What?” Who & How: It is the same 3 letters just rearranged. I know not as profound as her statement but I thought it rather clever :)

As I thought more about our conversation, I realized that ‘Why & Ywh’ are the same rearranged also. Ywh is an abbreviation for Yahweh. So I will take the liberty to re-word Jen’s statement: “We have to remember Ywh when we don’t know why.”

“How did _____ (fill in the blank) happen?’ In the midst of asking how; do not forget to remember the ‘who’ that thinks about you more than the grains of sand on the beach. (Ps. 139:17-8)

“Why did  _____ (fill in the blank)? In the midst of asking why; remember Ywh – the one who says to you, ‘I have a plan for you – a plan to prosper you and give you hope & a future’ (Jer. 29:11).

You know what else shifts as we scramble those 3 letters: our perspective – our outlook on our day, week and life. And who could not use a fresh perspective at times. Ever notice that constantly asking how & why tends to increase anxiety & worry; stressful activity in our spirits.  What if changing – ‘how into who & why in ywh’ – would help us experience the truth of Ps. 46:10 (Be still & know that I am God).  Let’s try and see what happens!

The point: as humans, we don’t fully understand all that happens around us or to us (Is. 55:8-9) and we may always wonder ‘how & why’ – that is normal & that is ok; we are supposed to seek, knock and find but let us not be so distracted or dismayed by the ‘hows & whys’ that we neglect or forget to focus on the ‘who: Ywh.’

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